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Hexenbelle Seeking New Team Members

Hexenbelle, one of Traverse City’s most innovative restaurant/cafes, is known for its unique menu of comfort food from different global perspectives, and the owners aspire to be about expanding people’s horizons (culinary and otherwise), tempering prejudices, bringing people together and supporting worthy causes by fostering an atmosphere of respect and inclusion for people of all kinds.

            It’s not just the menu that’s comforting; everything at Hexenbelle is meant to be soothing, from the soft pink walls inspired by a woman’s womb to the books waiting to be read. Co-owner and head chef Christian Geoghegan says, “We’re majority women-owned, queer, non-binary, I’m brown—all these things—and we want it to be a place you come to and feel instantly welcomed and safe, especially for people who don’t have those spaces.”


Location: 144 Hall St., Ste. 107, Traverse City. For more information, call 231-486-6128, email [email protected] or visit