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Young Humanitarians Win Awards

The fifth annual Humane Youth Award winners from the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) were Zoe Zhang in first place, with runners-up Maddie Miller and Cara Gilbert, all from Ann Arbor. The award recognizes young people that have raised awareness for and helped create a more humane and sustainable planet by supporting and protecting animals, people and/or the environment.

            Zhang, 15, started Huron SAV, a high school club dedicated to sustainability, animals and veganism as a freshman. The club has over 30 members and has done volunteer work throughout the community.

            Miller, 16, became a backyard beekeeper with three hives, and a nurturer of monarchs. In addition to volunteering to help the animals at HSHV, she donated the profits from homemade dog treats to help homeless animals.

            Gilbert, 14, has volunteered more than 200 hours helping animals, including horses at Starry Skies Equine Rescue and Sanctuary, and dogs, cats and small mammals at HSHV.

            Honorable mentions include Robert Bailey (Ann Arbor), Sydney Bennett (Canton), Julia Chen (Ann Arbor), Hayden Matthews-Dahlgren (Ann Arbor), Megan Peng (Canton), Mallory Pike (Dexter) and Adrienne Ziobro (Canton).

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