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New One-Shot Cancer Test

Signaling a big step forward in early cancer detection, Henry Ford Health will be the first provider in the state to offer a blood test called Galleri MCED that can detect up to 50 different cancers and detect it in the early stages. Chief Clinical Officer Adnan Munkarah, M.D., says, “One of the main causes of mortality with cancer is the fact that we are not able to detect it early.”

            Once the test is officially rolled out to the general public, those 22 or older, not pregnant and with no history of having cancer or treatments in the past three years can be eligible to use the new screening. According to the makers of Galleri, 71 percent of cancer deaths are caused by cancers not commonly screened for.

            The test is not covered by insurance because it is part of the Pathfinder 2 Study. It is only available by a physician’s order, and results are received within 10 business days. “We were always dreaming to come to a point where we have a test that is simple enough that it’s able to at least start telling us if there is a signal,” says Munkarah.


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