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Yoga for Highly Sensitive People

Christy DeBurton, owner of The Yoga Room Ann Arbor, is passionate about transforming lives through holistic wellness. “As a master yoga teacher and wellness educator with more than 20 years of experience, I am available to explore the topics of yoga, wellness, self-care, nutrition, plant-based diets, mindfulness, inner work, aging gracefully, yoga for highly sensitive people (HSP) and more through virtual and in-person classes, private sessions, workshops, seminars, podcasts, interviews and articles.”

            HSPs must take extra care to not become overstimulated, but also not become too bored. The deep breathing and meditative states accompanied by yoga can help lower stress and manage the intense emotions felt by HSPs.

            Personalized yoga sessions for HSPs weave together yoga, meditation, breathwork and other self-care advice to tailor a customized yoga practice sensitive to client’s needs for greater nervous system regulation. “These one-on-one sessions are available in-person on my poolside patio in warm weather, in-person at the studio once we’ve both been vaccinated, or via Zoom,” says DeBurton.


Location: 889 Honey Creek Dr., Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 734-761-8409, email [email protected] or visit