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Pure Pastures Is the Ultimate in All-Natural Foods

Pure Pastures now carries free range, soy-free and chlorine-free pastured chicken raised by the Garno family and  processed right on the farm. Not even Whole Foods carries any meats of this quality.

                 They also sell grass-fed beef, pork, buffalo, lamb, venison, rabbit, duck and elk from family farms in Michigan, wild boar from Texas, ground ostrich, Cornish hen, free-range chicken and turkey, soy-free chicken and eggs, pastured, local non-GMO eggs and duck eggs, Great Lakes walleye, whitefish, perch, trout and salmon, organic produce and local honey and maple syrup, with a paleo-friendly/gluten-free selection.

            Soy is not something a chicken would eat in the wild. First, the soybeans are processed for oil (an unhealthy but cheap cooking oil), and then the fiber that is left over is toasted and fed to the chickens. No chicken would harvest soybeans, pick off the fiber and toast it. Farmers that let their chickens roam freely in the soy fields find that the chickens will eat bugs, but they don’t touch the soy plants.


Locations: 23309 Ford Rd., Dearborn (313-406-6282); and 1192 Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth (734-927-6951). For more information, visit