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Handmade, Organic and Spiritually Endowed at Mystic Sistahs

Mystic Sistahs, two years in the making by Makini N. Ahket and Antoinette Street, will officially launch on June 4, and will offer health and spiritual wellness products and tools that are all natural, organic and handmade. Street says, “Our motto is, ‘Made with our hands, from our hearts, directly to you.’”

            Ahket says, “One of our most popular healing and empowering items is our quartz crystals, which we mine ourselves in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We sell them as is or wrapped in various types of metal wire, with or without a chain, for wearing. We always include the healing powers/attributes of our products at the time of purchase and with the delivery of healing products and/or tools. Our goal is to have an informed, knowledgeable clientele.”

            Other products include a line of aroma therapeutic candles and soaps; soaps that are infused with beneficial herbs, oils, incense, sage bundles, Palo Santo and Florida water, all of which dispel negative vibrations and/or welcome positive vibrations and well-being; new and full moon ceremonial kits; and mystic lights that enhance the personal environment, spirit and well-being. All items are handled and kept in reverence, handmade and personally shipped.

            Street recalls, “Miss Ahket and I have known one another from my days of high school. I am always a student, and Miss Ahket was my art teacher. She started my locs... both times, which is why our friendship deepened. In the African American culture, involvement with one’s hair, especially the forming of locs, is a very spiritual act. She twisted my hair every few weeks, and as she did so, we would talk about everything under the moon and the sun. Miss Ahket taught me about nutrition, health remedies, spiritual practices and other things. She continues to be my link to our community in many ways. A mystic simply shows you the path, you have to take those steps.”

            “Taking those steps with Antoinette has been my honor and blessing,” says Ahket. “She has taught me as much as I pray I have taught her. Our conversations are always positive, reflective and empowering. On one occasion, we were reflecting on the effect that COVID-19 has had on people's/human life. We spoke on how it has weakened individuals’ connection with one another, our spirit of hope and wellness, including our uniting with one’s self. For me, there is no discussion of the problem without suggestions of the solution. In the course of that conversation, the solution evolved to provide people with the products and tools that they need to reconnect with self and others. Wholistic solutions came to mind and an avenue to provide those solutions; hence, Mystic Sistahs was born.”

For more info and to place orders, call or email Makini N. Ahket at 313-617-2861 or [email protected].