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Blending Modalities to Accelerate Healing

Gloria Zimet states,“ Reflexolo-Chi  is the name I coined for the unique style of reflexology I developed. It is a gentle and soothing variation of the traditional foot massage which often touches people deeply. In my quest to find simple, safe and natural methods of alleviating pain and suffering, I studied reiki, Trager, chi gung, Psych-K and most recently, nonviolent communication. My practice has expanded to address how emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and cultural conditioning directly and predictably affect physical and mental health. I intuitively draw upon a combination of these modalities to facilitate and accelerate healing.”

            Zimet received reflexology training and certification in Israel in 1990. Prior to becoming a reflexologist, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and worked as a medical technologist in hospital laboratories in the U.S. and abroad, explaining, “I combine my extensive background in the Western understanding of how the human body functions with the complementary and holistic approach to health and disease that is the foundation of reflexology.” She conducts Reflexolo-Chi sessions by appointment.

Location: 3233 Lockridge Dr., Ann Arbor. For appointments, call 734-726-0072, email [email protected] or visit