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More than Recovery—Complete Rehabilitation

REACH Rehab + Chiropractic Performance Center knows that many people suffer from injuries that do more than hurt; they rob them of their ability to do things. These experts also know the fastest path to recovery, and with their guidance, clients get can get their lifestyle back and perform better than ever.

         Dr. R.J. Burr says, “Classic chiropractic doesn’t address why your pain keeps happening: your physical behaviors. So, you have to endlessly keep going back to get ‘cracked’. Utilizing a hands-on, holistic approach to relieving muscle, joint and nerve pain, we customize a recovery plan of targeted treatments with your long-term goals in mind. You take an active role in your care to not only get better but learn how to keep it that way.”

            Services include full-spectrum chiropractic holistic rehab treatments; Rolfing and massage: structural integration addressing the root cause of pain; posture and movement for complex pain relief guidance and assessment; performance assessments and a long-term correction plan for optimum performance; and customized recovery plans and treatments.

Location: 915 S. Main St., Plymouth. For appointments and more information, call 734-335-0212, email [email protected] or visit