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A Revolution on Two Wheels

H.E.H. Human Electric Hybrids, owned by Jim Summers and Kim Mayes, is the only independent ebike-only store in the area. They carry more than 20 brands, from budget-conscious to premium brands, ensuring an ebike for everyone that wants one, plus upright and recumbent electric-assist tricycles.

            They were recently awarded the 2022 Bicycle Retailer Excellence Award by the nonprofit National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA), established in 1946 to promote the interests of cycling and specialty bicycle retail across North America. The NBDA has certified Human Electric Hybrids as being among the top local bicycle retailers in the United States. Fewer than 125 qualified for this honor.

            As people make positive changes toward a healthier planet, transportation choices become about more than just convenience. People are looking for practical ways to travel that are healthy and life-affirming. Ebikes are a transportation choice that more and more people are making. “As our community strives for sustainability, improving cycling infrastructure and slowing and reducing car traffic, more and more people will feel safe and comfortable cycling for transportation, and many of them will choose an ebike to make it even more practical,” says Mayes.

            Summers says, “Our staff are experts in ebikes and in finding the right bike for each customer’s unique needs. We service all the bikes purchased from us, and only the bikes purchased from us, in order to give our customers prompt, thorough service after they buy their bike.”

            Mayes says, “We got started when Jim wanted to continue bicycle commuting to work even after moving 20 miles from his job. He put an electric motor on his bike and was able to make the commute easily. This inspired him to help others commute to work as well, to reduce dependence on cars as much as possible.”

            “Pedaling an ebike can be as easy or as strenuous as the rider chooses, making it an ideal form of exercise for those who want to cycle for exercise. Ebikes enable more people to choose cycling instead of driving for errands and commuting, making the air cleaner for everyone. Riding an Ebike is as much fun as cycling was when you were a kid, and fun is good for you!” says Summers. “Ebikes get people outdoors, riding with friends and family in ways they couldn’t or wouldn’t on a non-electric bike. Cycling for transportation slows us all down, allowing us to enjoy our neighborhoods and greet our neighbors in ways we can’t while driving a car. Our customers report being healthier, happier and more confident in themselves because they use their ebike more often and for more purposes than they ever thought they would.”

            H.E.H. also provides education for customers. “We encourage visitors to our store to test ride an ebike, even if they’re just curious and have no intention of buying one, because it is important to us that people understand what ebikes really are and how they can transform our world,” advises Mayes. “We answer questions about safe riding, laws pertaining to cycling, laws pertaining to ebikes, and we talk about ways in which bicycles can make the community safer and healthier for everyone.”

Test rides are available at the store. Location: 410 N. 4th Ave., (Kerrytown) Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-238-2269 or visit Receive 10 percent off accessories (some exclusions apply; valid thru 8/31/22) by mentioning their article on Natural Awakenings website.