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Experience In-Home Hyperbaric Therapy

Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center now offers in-home hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to patients and clients with a prescription or working with their team of doctors. 

            Historically, this type of medical service was limited to hospitals and cost prohibitive for most people, especially at higher pressures. However, with sound engineering and high-quality products designed for autonomous use, low-, medium- and high-pressure HBOT has become more convenient and less expensive for those that want to use the modality in the privacy of their own homes.

            HBOT has broad applications and many therapeutic benefits, depending on pressure, length of therapy and adjunctive care to include nutritional supplements and medications. Natural Balance Hyperbarics clients include professional and collegiate athletes, individuals with cognitive decline, physical pain and inflammation, post-brain injury and stroke, kids on the autism spectrum or with other other neuro-developmental disorders, as well as individuals seeking general wellness and anti-aging strategies to enhance their preemptive care.

            Natural Balance Hyperbarics offers rental, try-before-you-buy, leasing and discount purchase programs along with professional (medical) oversight, supervision and guidance.

Location: 1601 Briarwood Cir., Ste. 475, Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 855-942-7246 or visit