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Join the Refillable Revolution

Selestial Soap and Truly Free have revolutionized the cleaning industry with safe, non-toxic products delivered in refillable, sustainable packaging solutions for more than five years. CEO Stephen Ezell says, “Join the refillable revolution today and make every room in your home a Truly Free home!” The first shipments include bottles, jugs and cleaning solution, so patrons only need to auto-ship refills after that. All products are plant-based, eco-friendly, fragrance-free, non-toxic and use recyclable plastic.

            By delivering safe and eco-friendly products straight to homes and businesses, Truly Free protects families from the effects of harsh chemicals and reduces plastic waste in the environment. Customers simply build their box, set the delivery frequency to 30 or 60 days and save the bottles and jugs for reuse.

            “Eco-friendly cleaning products not only reduce air and water pollution, but also help fight ozone depletion and climate change,” says Ezell. “Eco-friendly products can help to improve your overall indoor air quality and thus contribute to reducing certain health risks such as chemical poisoning, skin irritations and eye and respiratory infections.”

Location: 345 W. South Airport Rd., Traverse City. For more information, call 231-944-1716 email [email protected] or visit