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High-Dose Ozone Therapy for Knee Pain

American Regenerative Clinic is providing ozone injections for knee pain symptoms and prevention. Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky says, “Knee pain, like most joint and muscle pain, can vary by person and situation. You may experience swelling and stiffness, weakness or instability, popping noises, an inability to fully lengthen or straighten your knee or redness and warmth to the touch. If you cannot bear weight on your knee, are unable to extend it or have pain or swelling for a significant period of time with or without injury, it is time to see a doctor.”

            High-dose ozone is a non-invasive therapy that strengthens weakened areas of the body while improving mobility and pain management. It supplies nearly 50 times the amount of ozone of regular intravenous ozone therapy. Because of the 10-pass method which is used to administer the treatment, it allows the ozone to penetrate deeper and to greater areas of the body.

            Benefits include reduced swelling, reduced pain and inflammation in joints such as knees, limiting damage in the affected area, improved circulation, accelerated healing, slowed effects of damage from disease and improved quality of life and mobility.

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