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Experience Bio-Geometric Integration at Gateway

Gateway Chiropractic owner Dr. Diane Babalas is an Ann Arbor chiropractor that specializes in the Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) method pioneered by Dr. Sue Brown. She says, “BGI recognizes that there is an innate geometry in the body. This geometry is a reflection of the innate music that we are. By identifying, understanding and utilizing the geometry, the chiropractor can better assess and release the subluxation. The geometry allows us to glimpse the entire effect of the subluxation, thus making it possible to release it as an integrated whole. It also allows us to prioritize the incredible number of subluxation patterns so that the timing of each release is optimum.”

Location: 210 Collingwood St., Ste. 100, Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 734-239-6060, email [email protected] or visit