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New Digs for Christine Bridges

Universal Energy Healing & Massage Therapy by Christine Bridges has moved across the parking lot to 445 South Harvey Street, Suite 23A, in Plymouth. The feel is brighter, bigger and very calm, and the first-floor office has a private bath along with much-needed upgrades. Many new events include guest hosts performing healing while building a vision board, numerology readings and more.

            “We now have room for small group sessions that include healing tea parties to rife and relax, singing bowl sessions with frequency generator, numerology and resource classes for healthy living and manifestation boards with healing. My business is being reshaped by the changes in the world. We are building community, along with the individual sessions offered,” she says.

            Bridges notes, “I am doing more therapeutic massage, as touch has been a wonderful, uplifting addition to help relieve the stress that most of us are feeling. The devices and certifications I have received are helping my clients to heal themselves through frequency, energy resonance of food and habits, and the release of trauma stored in the body by clearing the many chakras I have been guided to work with.”

For appointments and more information, call 734-934-7271  or visit