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Reflection and Re-Creation Retreat 2022

Kennith James Scott, HeartMath certified NeuroChangeSolutions and transformation coaching consultant, is bringing the work of researcher, bestselling author and international lecturer Dr. Joe Dispenza to Nature, a Michigan Retreat, from October 9 through 13. Scott says, “With so many external stressors in our environment, many of us have normalized stress and even become addicted to the hormones of stress. This retreat will give individuals the environment and space for rest and repair, and will equip them with knowledge and practical tools to go out and be greater than the conditions in their environment. They will learn how to condition the body to respond differently in the same environment. Learning to self-regulate our own mental and emotional states is the single greatest gift we can give ourselves, especially in these tense times.”

            Practical tools for the Re-Creation of themselves and ultimately their lives will be shared and practiced with time for integration throughout the retreat, which will also include elective activities such as yoga, drumming meditation and plenty of time and resources to explore nature.

Cost is $648 to $888. Camping is optional. Location: 2988 West Burdickville Rd.,Maple City. Register at