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Pain Relief with Myofascial Therapy

At Zemper Restorative Therapy, owner Dan Zemper says, “Whether you’re an athlete looking to return to top form or someone who simply wants to get back to your active lifestyle, we can help.” Using myofascial release, he is able to help many that are frustrated by the inability to find relief for muscular pain and malfunction, as well as nerve entrapments which might be causing them.

            Benefits of myofascial release include improved range of motion, reduced soreness and assisting the tissue recovery process, helping the body relax overall, improved circulation and releasing tension, knots and stress.

            “Experience has shown us that we all accumulate traumatic and/or ‘spot weld’ repetitive injuries as we age, especially those of us who are more active. As our bodies heal from these injuries, there is inflammation and restricted blood flow in our muscles, which causes the formation of scar tissue. This scar tissue has a strong tendency to continue growing even after the initial healing process is complete, causing stiffness, pain and reduced function,” says Zemper.


Location: in the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, 818 Red Dr., Ste. A, Traverse City. For appointments and more information, call 231-941-7085, email [email protected] or visit