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Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine

Over the Moon

John & Trina

We are super, over-the-moon excited to broaden our reach and welcome our Traverse City readers this month! We welcome you to the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine, which is now being widely distributed from the top to the bottom of our beautiful state. John and I are proud and honored to bring together this valuable resource that’s filled with beautiful people to meet and a strong sense of togetherness—we feel so blessed!

      We’d also like to welcome all of you business owners and practitioners that are devoting yourselves to the health and well-being of our community and invite you to share your news, events, products and services. Giving you a platform to educate and empower individuals to take responsibility and make healthier lifestyle choices is why we have been publishing Natural Awakenings in the greater Ann Arbor area for the last 15 years, and still stands at the heart of our mission.

            May is also time to celebrate Mom. Mothers are in most cases the backbone of the family, and although roles have changed greatly over the years since we were children, mothers are still a constant caring presence and nurturing source of strength. Mothers are many things, but most of all, mothers are love. Love is at the root of everything they do for their children.

            I urge all ladies in the throes of their balancing act to take time this month and contemplate their situation; remember who they are and what their goals are, but most of all to nurture a sense of pride, joy and empowerment in that they are doing the most important job in the world.

            Nurturing ourselves and the people around us is a natural expression of our love. We’re pretty sure you can think of many women that have made a huge impact on your life and inspired you in some way to become a better person—whether it was your mom, your best friend or your aunt—they were important because they cared.

            Through the years, I have had a great example in my own mother, with her relentless love for her family. Mom, you never cease to amaze me, and once again on this Mother’s Day, I celebrate you. Thank you most importantly for your wisdom. I love you!

            When we open our hearts to those in need we are continuing that sacred tradition of mothering. Pray for, dance for and meditate on the motherly light that shines on us all.  


Happy Mother’s Day to all! To feel nurtured is to feel loved—give someone you love a great big hug right now!