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Dr. Parke Provides Essential Osteopathic Care

The Integrative Healthcare Providers team of Susannah Parke, DO, Amy Saunders, M.D., Amanda Kaufman, M.D., Elisa Picken, M.D., Sean Zager, M.D., Abby Humphrey, Dipl. Ac., Robert Piper, MSW, Prema Lindsay-Smith, LMT, Shannon Leslie Zager, LMT, Andrea Weid, MPA, OTRL, CIHC, and Jesse Kauffman, LMSW, is dedicated to providing quality holistic patient care. Patients have the option to choose conventional, naturopathic, osteopathic or Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as counseling to achieve optimal health and wellness.

            Parke uses a holistic approach to treat dysfunction in the body. Her treatments include osteopathic manipulative medicine, exercise prescriptions and regenerative injections when necessary to stabilize injured joints. She enjoys counseling on nutrition and lifestyle choices that are integral to overall body function and health.

            Osteopathic manipulative treatment assists self-healing mechanisms by listening to the body’s rhythms. This hands-on approach enhances the  ability to function and heal. The goal of treatment is to restore unrestricted motion and function through therapy, nutrition and exercise. The patient will learn how to manage their problem so to not need treatment in the future.


Location: 2800 S. State St., Ste. 215, Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 734-547-3990, email [email protected] or visit