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Reiki Can Be Life-Changing

Sherry Maroon is a certified reiki master/teacher, certified life coach and owner of Rise Anew, LLC. She believes reiki can be life-changing and says, “It was when I began my personal journey to finding who I was and how I could heal at the deepest levels that I began my journey to becoming a reiki practitioner. I began learning about chakras and how they store negative energies and emotions which can cause negative feelings and physical pain. I then learned that there was a technique called reiki that could help to remove those energetic blocks.”

            The main benefit to receiving reiki therapy is stress reduction. “But it can go much deeper than that,” explains Maroon. “I have personally watched as clients have reduced chronic pain, reduced stress and reduced anxiety symptoms. I have had a number of clients come in, down in mood, only to jump off the table once the session is done with renewed energy and beautiful smiles. I never tire of having a quiet, unmotivated client come in who is then filled with energy and so much to say after the session is done.”

            Monthly payment plans on reiki packages allow clients to receive sessions for $65 a session without paying for a package upfront. Maroon practices life coaching separately from reiki, but often throws in small life tips for reiki clients to take home with them and maintain their uplifted mood until the next visit.

Rise Anew is located at 3708 3rd St., in Wyandotte. For more information, call 734-224-3884 or visit RiseAnew.Coach.