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Organic Plants for Sale

Green Things Farm Collective and Feral Flora is having a Certified Organic Plant Sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., May 20. There will be a wide variety of vegetable, flower, herb and native plant seedlings and organic plants for the garden grown locally. Weather permitting, there will be casual tours of the farm and other family-friendly activities. Wear mud boots.

Green Things Farm Collective, Ann Arbor Seed Company, Green Things Farm and the Land Loom came together in 2020 to expand production, share the management of running a diverse farm business and develop a model of sustainable, cooperative and responsible farming.

Small-scale regenerative farming is a business unlike any other in its bias towards diversity of product, consideration of ecological systems, personal touch and community capital over efficiency, scalability and profit at any cost. Green Things Farm Collective and the community it serves stand to benefit greatly from the 40-plus years of diverse farming experience among the collective’s working members and the innovation and inspired vision only possible when a group of passionate farmers come together to share in the joys and challenges of their calling.

Location: 3825 Nixon Rd., Ann Arbor. For more info, call 734-772-1418, email [email protected] or visit