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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

TreeTown Cannabis is launching a new brand of cannabis-infused gummies, Sugarbush, and $1 of each unit sold will be donated to nonprofit Great Lakes Expungement Network, dedicated to fee-free, full-service expungement services for cannabis offenders, plus eligibility screenings and other resources. Marijuana-related convictions impact nearly 250,000 people in Michigan.

Created with nanotechnology, the Sugarbush gummies are sour, vegan and fast-acting. Consumers can expect to feel the effects within 10 to 15 minutes. They come in 100-milligram packages of 10, or 10 milligrams per gummy. TreeTown Cannabis head chef and creator Ella Carvalho says, “No one else is making a vegan, nanotech, sour gummy with the nostalgic flavors that we all love.”

All of TreeTown’s products are made from scratch in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. TreeTown Cannabis is committed to helping people charged with marijuana offenses expunge those arrests from their records. 

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