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Babies Are Only Born Once

Northern Glow Midwifery provides home birth, community-based birth and family-centered midwifery care, home birth and postpartum care with licensed midwife Kristen Shook, CPM, RN. She says, “When you choose midwife care with me, I see your entire family as being on this journey together. When we include siblings and partners, we can prepare them and encourage their excitement for this new person that will change their lives. I provide prenatal care, birth care, postpartum care and breastfeeding support all for one price.

“When you go into labor and are ready to have your midwife come to your home, I will come with my team—another licensed midwife and an assistant certified in neonatal resuscitation. We provide a birth tub if you desire to labor or birth in the water. We will set up our supplies to monitor your birth and baby, as well as emergency equipment. We also bring our patient hands and loving support.”

Free consultation. Location: 126 Boardman Ave.,  Ste. A1, Traverse City. For more info, call 231-944-9328, email [email protected] or visit