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Dr. Lucky Specializes in YOU

Lucky Flow Acupuncture focuses on results. They specifically tailor treatments to their patient’s needs and health history so they can get back to doing more of what they love.  Scheduling is easy, the atmosphere is relaxing, and all treatment rooms are private and luxurious accommodations.

            Owner and founder Aaron “Lucky” Li, RAc, OMD, recognized the need for more holistic self-healing practices, and Lucky Flow Acupuncture was born. He comes from a long line of acupuncturists and has been an apprentice since childhood. He is a graduate of U of M and The China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences where studied under China’s leading acupuncturist, Dr. Hu Guang, the primary researcher of Tung’s Extraordinary Points, in Beijing.

            Dr. Lucky is a balance method practitioner, so patients never have to undress for treatments, needles are placed distally in the arms, legs, ears, neck and forehead regions. He says, “At Lucky Flow Acupuncture, we help people declare health independence and realize that may look different for everyone; whether it’s decreasing pharmaceutical medications, avoiding invasive surgeries, decreasing pain and inflammation or relieving mental health symptoms.” He frequently shares his wisdom in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture-related topics at his many educational and social events held at the clinic.

            Having served the Metro-Detroit area for over 10 years Lucky Flow Acupuncture has plans to grow into multiple locations to better serve the surrounding communities and allow others the opportunity to declare their health independence.

Lucky Flow Acupuncture is located at 19244 Newburgh Rd., in Livonia Mi. For appointments and more info, call 734-266-8288 or visit