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Every Brain Can Benefit from NeurOptimal

The Evolution Empowerment Center is providing brain optimization with NeurOptimal. Founder and owner Nancy Jaafar, a psychologist, board-certified hypnotherapist, NLP/NET practitioner and life coach, says, “If you are feeling off and not maximizing your potential, ask yourself what stands in the way of you being or achieving what you would like in your life. It’s possible your brain could use some hurdle help. NeurOptimal is simple, but its simplicity belies its power because it communicates directly with your brain, and there is nothing to interfere with that. There is no outside person having to evaluate or diagnose you and no outside person deciding what training you need. It’s your brain effectively communicating with itself and making its own changes.”

NeurOptimal is an advanced neurotechnology designed to train the brain to function at peak performance levels. This innovative form of neurofeedback is not a medical treatment, but rather a training for the brain. Every brain can benefit and tap into its own unique optimal state, and no special qualifications are required to use the NeurOptimal program. It’s simple to learn and operate; training is absolutely effortless and non-invasive.

Location: 1537 Monroe, Ste. 400, Dearborn. For appointments and more information, call 313-898-1999 or visit