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Become a Dream Partner

Jill Tyge, the “holistic gardener” and owner of Pura Vida Peace, LLC, is a mind, body, spirit coach, an Awakening Your Light Body meditation teacher and author. She says, “My passion is to help women gain their power back, build confidence, heal their heart and to raise, shift and change the energy of their home. Would you like to become your own perfect dream partner? I would like to help you pull the weeds that are choking and holding you back from your true development. Prune and trim the plants and trees that are in your life. Guide you to the plants that will help you grow and succeed and to sow the seeds that will help you flourish, grow and succeed in a balanced life, and to help cultivate your own perfect environment to thrive and grow in all kinds of elements.”

“I have learned different healing modalities and worked with many different teachers and guides. We all have different paths and journeys, and I would love to help and guide you along your journey to see what resonates with you to become your own perfect partner.”

For more information, call 701-793-3479, email [email protected] or visit