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Good Oral Health Begins in Childhood

Packard Family Dentistry, the office of Laith Alsamerai, DDS. and Teba Rashid, DDS, cares about kids. “Our team of pediatric dentists strives to make children of all ages feel at ease and enjoy themselves, so bring the whole family along!” says Rashid. “You can rest assured your child will receive the latest advancements in children’s dentistry, delivered with caring, thoughtfulness and compassion.”

“We encourage the proper dental care habits in children, and enjoy teaching them how to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime,” advises Alsamerai. Even meticulous brushing often may not reach the deep grooves in the back teeth. This results in bacteria, acid and plaque formation which will lead to decay that requires a filling or crown. Dental sealants can help. This thin, plastic coating is white or clear and bonded into place with no shots or drills or removal of any tooth structure. Applying dental sealants is one of the best preventive measures both children and adolescents can take to preserve their natural teeth.

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