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Jaw Pain is Treatable with Chiropractic

The Michigan Family Wellness Clinic provides the highest-quality chiropractic care and nutritional therapies. For those suffering from TMJ, jaw pain, temporal headaches or tooth grinding, Kyle Wallner, DC, advises, “These are all common musculoskeletal conditions that are easily treatable with chiropractic care. One thing that makes our office different is how we help your jaw feel better. We work the muscles outside and inside of your mouth and jaw, balancing them for your ultimate results. Furthermore, we get you artful cervical spine adjustments to balance the neurology of all those muscles.”

Wallner founded Michigan Family Wellness in 2016 to serve Canton, Plymouth, Novi, Northville and Livonia. He combines his knowledge of traditional chiropractic techniques and advanced training in Applied Kinesiology to help patients achieve optimal health. With a doctorate from Logan University, certifications in class IV K laser and physiotherapy, and a massage therapy background, Wallner uses multiple techniques to elevate family wellness.

Location: 2200 N. Canton Center Rd., Ste, 150, Canton. For appointments and more information, call 734-335-0533 or visit