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Health and Wellness Trends in 2022

This year promises an intensification of natural health and wellness trends that have been gathering strength over time. Experts predict that plant-based foods, including proteins that replicate meat, will grow in acceptance. Telemedicine, intermittent fasting to leverage low-energy stress and improve metabolic health, and coaching are also on the rise.

      With growing acceptance of cannabis for medical and recreational uses, dispensaries are now commonplace where allowed. Cannabidiol (CBD), with proven healing and pain relief properties, is being sold in the form of oils, edibles, sprays, creams and pills, and may soon be available in cocktails and dietary supplements. Be on the lookout for hemp fiber, recently legalized as a farm crop, to expand beyond clothing lines into auto parts, industrial equipment and building materials.

            Fitness buffs are going to turn their attention from vanities such as six-pack abs to inner fitness goals that emphasize overall health, often using wearable technology like rings and smartwatches to monitor their biometrics. Technology will also keep track of water bottle use, and resistance bands to strengthen muscles are being embedded in clothing. Check out “Whole-Person Fitness: Current Trends in Fitness Tools” in our Fit Body department to learn more.

            With major automakers pledging to stop producing gas and diesel cars and governments increasingly banning them, electric cars (EV) are in everyone’s future. The good news is that technological advances have extended EV’s range, and prices are starting to close the gap with fossil-fueled models. Find out more in our Green Living department offering, “The Electric Vehicle Revolution.”

            Dog and cat food is becoming humanized in the U.S. as pet owners demand for their pets what they want for themselves: high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients that are free of questionable byproducts. In our Natural Pet department, “Pet-Pleasing Food Trends: What Dogs and Cats Will Eat This Year” examines a trend toward custom-tailoring pet food to an animal’s age, breed and physical condition, and choosing it based on ethical concerns.

            It’s time to rethink how we connect, how we do business and how we create meaningful solutions for the issues we face in life. As the veil is lifted, we come to find that the only true security lies within ourselves, not “out there” somewhere. With that perspective comes new opportunities for innovation in personal responsibility and spiritual growth.

            As our awareness opens, we must remember that we have access to creating the kind of life we wish to live, and always had.


We wish you all the bliss, magic and hope of a New Year!


Trina and John

Owners / Publishers