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Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Margo Hertzfeld, owner of Rosy Glow Wellness Therapies, is offering aromatherapy certification courses through the Great Lakes School for Aromatic Studies, which provides balanced, progressive and inspiring education for a new generation of aromatherapists. Level 1: Foundations of Aromatherapy begins January 9, 10, 23 and 24. This is the only independent and National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy-approved class in Michigan. She also offers Level 3: Aromatic Applications for the Skin.

     Hertzfeld says, “My passion is to bring my brand of thoughtful guidance to you through holistic aromatherapy, reflexology and other natural wellness therapies. I strive to be a voice of reason in the sometimes confusing world of natural healing. This course provides you with a solid foundation in aromatherapy so that you can begin or add to your practice, build your business or simply be empowered to care for yourself and your family using the beauty of plant-derived essential oils and other botanicals.”

            Rosy Glow specializes in clinical aromatherapy, bespoke essential oil blends and integrated Reflexolo-chi. Consultations are available for creating custom flower essence blends.


Cost is $550. Location: Whitehouse, Ohio. Register at For more information, call 419-360-0169, email [email protected] or visit