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Biofuse Now Offers COVID-19 Testing

Biofuse COVID -19 Rapid Antigen Testing is now available for $55 ( In addition, the Immunity Drip features B12, B-complex, vitamin C, zinc, selenium and glutathione, while the Immunity+ Drip takes it a step further with lysine, doubled glutathione and three times the vitamin C. Both drips are excellent choices for those seeking a quick recovery from illness, a jumpstart to the immune system or for detoxing.

                  Biofuse offers custom IV drips for specific solutions to evolving lifestyles. Their registered nurses are well-versed and trained in understanding customer needs and create the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Treatments only take 45 minutes for relief from hangovers, jet lag, cold/flu, migraine relief and improved athletic performance. IV vitamin infusions can also help with beauty, skin, nail and hair health. Traverse City mobile IV therapy brings wellness and recovery to where it is convenient.


Location: 540 Garfield Ave., Ste. B, Traverse City (Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo locations coming soon). For more information, call 231-645-9123 or visit