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Underwater Treadmill Eases Senior Pain

Appointments are available for HydroWorx aquatic therapy at the Redies Outpatient Center at EHM Senior Solutions, located in Saline. Therapy coordinator/administrator Priya Arunmon says, “Make gains in your mobility and/or fitness level with less stress on joints when you discover how using a HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool leads to decreased swelling, soreness and pain.”

               There are many benefits of using an underwater treadmill, some of which include promoting early range of motion; initiating gait training in a low-impact environment; replicating the proper biomechanics of land-based movements to improve gait patterns; improving cardiovascular stamina; increasing healing and strengthening of injured tissues; and impacting muscle strengthening.


Location: 400 W. Russell St., Saline. For more information, call 734-429-1660 or visit