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Knowledge is Power

There are three main ways of delivering cannabis to the endocannabinoid system (ECS)—smoking, ingesting, and topical application. Knowledge is key to understanding how science works while accepting that each individual has a system within their bodies that interacts differently based on the variety of factors that influence the overall result.

            The ECS has receptors throughout the body, analogous to the nervous system. These receptors respond to different cannabinoids and the way they are delivered in what dosage. For example, a CBD topical or edible could help with arthritis in the right hand but maybe not the left. Or an edible could help hand pain, but not back pain. It comes down to what the cannabinoid is (THC or CBD) and how it is delivered (topical, smoking or ingesting) and the dosing (how many milligrams each receptor needs may vary, based on location, etc.) Taking too much can actually cancel out the benefits and also is not cost-effective for the consumer.

            Also, diet and exercise play an important role with how the cannabinoids work with the whole system. The effects of an edible could be magnified if taken on an empty stomach or depending on how much caffeine a person has consumed.


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