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Walking the Path of Sobriety

Boober Tours, which provides bicycle taxi tours around Ann Arbor, has accomplished much in their six years of operation, including going from one cab to 20. Now they are running 11 cabs with motors and full light systems and five tour advertising trailers. They released a mobile app, Go Boober, on iOS, all while creating second-chance jobs.

            Owner Kevin Spangler has also created three programs to keep people sober and give back their freedom—a goal-setting program, 100 Reasons, and Royal Road, which will be rebranded as the Royal House.

            He says, “The original 100 Reasons was created in jail. I kept on replaying in my head a parable my aunt always told me: ‘You can't build a house on top of a faulty foundation—your building will surely crumble.’ I read the same books over and over again in jail; Awaken the Giant Within, Awaken to Your Life’s Inner Purpose and Change Your Brain Change Your Life. I realized our subconscious brain is our foundation.”


Natural Awakenings readers receive a 33 percent discount off their next Booze Cruise or family tour. To book a Boober Cruise or tour around Ann Arbor, download the Go Boober app for IOS. For more information, call 734-686-2087 or visit