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Start the New Year with Transformational Coaching

Stephanie Popso, a holistic health coach, breathwork teacher, yoga instructor, meditation coach, life coach, nutrition coach and creator of the annual Empowered Life Planner, is the owner of Naturally Empowered, in Detroit. She says, “The Empowered Life Planner is not just a day planner, it’s a support system, your accountability partner and your daily motivation.” 2022 marks the sixth year of the planner.

            Her coaching specialties include intuition and spiritual wellness, nutrition, burnout, time management/productivity, energy healing and clearing, exercise, weight management, sleep, self-love/self-worth, stress management, addiction/recovery, healthy habits and routines, conscious manifesting and overall well-being.

            She says, “We know at certain points in our lives that extra support is needed to grow out of habits and behaviors that keep us from feeling and being the best version of us. We’ve learned that when we invite that support in, it inspires the greatest of personal innovation, inspired action and a keen awareness of the steps needed to get to a desired outcome in a sustainable way.”


One session is $150; new clients receive a complimentary copy of the Empowered Life Planner ($35 value). Gift certificates are available. Location: 15324 E. Jefferson Ste. 6, Grosse Pointe Park. For a free discovery call 313-462-0814 or visit