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Healing Trauma and Boosting Immunity Through Connection

Stress from unresolved pain (trauma) creates illness. Childhood trauma, ancestral trauma and adult experiences all have an influence on whether our stress hormones (cortisol) turn on the genes for illness. The Adverse Childhood Events Study found that survivors of childhood trauma are up to 5,000 percent more likely to attempt suicide, have eating disorders or become IV drug users.

            Many of us are experiencing some level of trauma right now, overwhelmed by social injustice and personal suffering. Research has shown that unhealthy self-behaviors and addictions to food, TV, work, people-pleasing and drugs directly correlate to our level of connection. Through connection, people find an inner resiliency not to shut down, turn a blind eye and ultimately feel disempowered to create change in their lives or community. Cultivating connection to nature, each other and the Earth empowers people’s actions and fosters happiness.

            The United States Library of Medicine found the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder among survivors of severe COVID-19 infections in 13 studies. When we are exposed to nature, we heal emotionally and feel healthier. Nature is a tonic for physical well-being. It reduces blood pressure, stabilizes heart rate and decreases the production of stress hormones. One study suggests that a nature view helps patients tolerate more pain, overcome adverse effects and have shorter stays at the hospital. Nature has a magical impact on our health; it reduces inflammation and prevents many diseases by boosting immunity.


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