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Futuristic Technologies for Holistic Healing

Earth Labs has been providing advanced holistic alternatives and wellness coaching for 15 years. Owner Kaycie Noble, a doctor of metaphysics, says, “I got started in the wellness field as an herbal compounder. I create transdermal medicines applied through topical salves that help people with a variety of conditions, but primarily pain. I organically began to help support clients with more advanced protocols and guidance for treatments that could support or replace standard care. Earth Labs was born out of a passion for human need. We wanted to offer people a wider variety of treatment options that would help them have more control over their own wellness regimes.”

            Their promise is that every treatment is non-invasive and non-toxic. Earth Labs helps strengthen the inner/outer beauty connection to help individuals look and feel beautiful from the inside-out. It is important that each client finds ways to reach their highest potential and meet the world each day as their best self.

            Noble advises, “We work to offer the most cutting-edge therapies, including sound, light and both cryo- and thermogenic modalities. One thing that sets us apart is that we only offer safe, non-medical technologies. Earth Labs is the only place that offers non-invasive fat elimination that can show immediate results with absolutely no down time. We believe subtle therapies that work at a cellular level can offer the most support to let the intelligence of the body do what it does best—keep you happy and healthy.”

            At their exceptional space on the Boardman River with stunning views of the bay, no detail is left out of creating a healing environment, right down to the conscious colors chosen that support the treatment in each room. “We are mindful of how each of your senses will be affected when you walk into our facility,” says Noble. “We want Earth Labs to be more than just the treatments we offer. We work to create an all-encompassing experience from the moment you enter our doors.”

            Earth Labs continues to offer futuristic technologies that remain on the forefront of health and wellness. Tara Pobuda, CHt, a skilled hypnotherapist and exceptional practitioner of the intuitive arts, recently joined the staff. “That is very exciting, because it really integrates the full mind, body, spirit philosophy in a scientific, but also esoteric way,” notes Noble.

Free wellness and body sculpting consultations. Earth Labs is located at 317a E. Front St., Traverse City. For more info, call 231-421-1490 or visit