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Good Vibes from Good Waves

Good Waves founder and lead investigator RC worked as a nutrition consultant and educator for years prior to learning the negative effects of EMF firsthand. Becoming affected just after the rollout of smart meters and 4G and learning of many others suffering, it became clear to her that more needed to speak out. Now after years of advocating for safer tech, speaking at infrastructure hearings in Lansing and environmental forums around the state, many people began calling for her advice—from measuring RF radiation levels in homes to shielding against harmful EMF waves to relocating to a safer living space. Good Waves also has an electrical engineer on staff to address technical aspects of home wiring and shielding where needed. They keep it simple and strive to help all.

            RC’s journey of discovery began after becoming affected by wireless.  To her, it was obvious even after long having had cell phones and being around Wi-Fi for years; she learned that the body does not always adapt to new frequencies well.  This is referenced in books such as The Invisible Rainbow and The Contagion Myth.  It is apparent  more than ever now since long-distance 5G went live on most towers (nearly three years ago).  The levels of radio-frequency (RF) waves continue to increase constantly around us and our pets; all will likely be affected at some point.  RC cites evidence that most of the common autoimmune conditions we see now were not common prior to the late 90s, when cell phones and towers began to appear on the landscape.

            Good Waves provides help to determine which forms of wireless would pose most risks to customers and solutions to minimize them and live their best life. They offer counseling and conduct searches to locate a safe home anywhere in the U.S. A basic home survey, which can be conducted anywhere in Michigan, will determine the level of exposure. By measuring the RF radiation levels, they can indicate the simplest solutions to make the home environment safer.

            With RF levels increasing everyday from new cell towers, Wi-Fi everywhere and the Internet of Things and People Network being rolled out, everyone will be affected to a point, so it is necessary to be aware of what we are exposed to.

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