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Breadless Expands to Rochester Hills

Breadless, a fast-casual deli known for its pioneering concept of on-the-go veggie bowls and sandwiches wrapped in greens, kale and other leafy super greens instead of bread, is expanding from their original location at 2760 East Larned Street, in Detroit, to a second spot at 181 South Livernois Road, in Rochester Hills.

            Breadless serves vegetarian and meat sandwiches wrapped in leafy greens such as red Swiss chard, turnip greens, collard greens and dino kale. Now those with gluten sensitivities or allergies can pick up a Breadless signature sandwich like the Cloud 9 Pastrami wrapped in leafy collard greens in a more suburban atmosphere.

            Co-founder and CEO Marc Howland says that this new location was chosen because of its potential for high traffic. The 2,117-square-foot space will have a seating capacity of 43 and is expected to open in early fall. Similar to the original spot, the Rochester Hills outlet will collaborate with community organizers to host events like yoga and other wellness activities.

For more information, call 313-474-2870, email [email protected] or visit