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Healing Through Connecting

Constellation Healing Arts owner Michaelene Ruhl, Psy.D., believes there is healing through connecting and creating a loving, compassionate, safe and sacred place for people to learn about, honor and apply their own strengths, courage and power to heal, which creates peace and balance within and with others. Sacred immersion and integration sessions provide the experiences to thrive and move forward in life; live from a stronger perspective; and handle challenges that arise in a new and healthy way.

            Self-confidence, self-esteem and well-being increase as anxiety, stress, depression and relationship tensions decrease. She states, “It is my honor to be of service, supporting you on your path of healing to reconnect with love for self and others.”

            While returning to school at age 39 to earn her doctorate in humanistic and transpersonal psychology, Ruhl discovered Systemic Constellations and plant-spirit medicine. “I wanted everyone to experience both these amazing medicines, and I am called to be in service to others in holding safe and sacred space for their growth and healing. I create intimate spaces for people to learn, grow and heal by supporting them ​in learning to create the same for themselves and others,” she says.

            Ruhl explains, “There is sacredness in everything and everywhere. It is a huge part of my practice—the way I work and walk through life, and what I hold for others and teach. The ultimate sacred to me is love. Part of my holding space is supporting others in uncovering love that has been thought to be lost, disconnected or gone forever for self, with others, ancestors, and source. I am one of very few in Michigan to offer constellation workshops, plant-spirit medicine integrations and a training program.”

            Workshops and sessions can be part of a retreat, including sacred plant-spirit medicine immersion, integration and microdosing. The Sacred Immersion Training Program is a one-of-a-kind experience for healing practitioners ready to hold sacred space for deep healing with plant-spirit medicine.  Healing through Connecting Constellations workshops explore patterns and challenges within families to shift perspectives and gain a better understanding, relieve conflict, and come to peace within.

Constellation Healing Arts is located at 28592 Orchard Lake Rd., Ste. 360, in Farmington Hills. For more information, call 248-345-3557, email [email protected] or visit