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Pure Pastures Relocates

The Plymouth location of Pure Pastures has moved to a nearby address at 1102 Ann Arbor Road, providing meats from Michigan family farms that are pasture-raised and grass-fed.

            The full line of organic groceries, eggs, dairy, honey and more includes grass-fed beef, pork, buffalo, lamb, venison, rabbit, duck and elk from family farms in Michigan; wild boar from Texas; Cornish hen; local free-range chicken and turkey; soy-free chicken and eggs; Pastured, free-range, fresh local non-GMO chicken, quail and duck eggs; Great Lakes fish (walleye, whitefish, perch, trout and salmon); local maple syrup; a paleo-friendly/gluten-free selection; a large cheese selection, bones for broth (chicken, buffalo and beef); and wild-caught shrimp, cod and salmon (sockeye, coho and chinook) and mahi-mahi, all with no gill nets and no farmed fish.

EBT and Apple Pay accepted. Dearborn location: 23309 Ford Rd. For more information, call 734-927-6951 (Plymouth), 313-406-6282 (Dearborn), email [email protected] or visit