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Environmental Study Recruiting Subjects

Volunteers are needed for a Michigan Cancer and Research Environment Study (MI-CARES) of the link between environment and associated risks of health problems such as cancer. Recruitment will last for at least six years. The team is looking for 100,000 participants 25 to 44 years old that will be studied for decades. The study will be conducted remotely, with some test kits being mailed in.

Researchers are seeking a baseline understanding of participants’ exposure to industrial chemicals in some of the harshest environmental justice hotspots in Michigan. National Science Foundation International Chair and Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Dr. Dana Dolinoy, says, “We’re evaluating environmental exposures and different intermediate health outcomes with the idea to protect individuals from cancer. Because environmental exposures may affect other things, we will also be able to evaluate heart disease, diabetes and other disease endpoints to identify which of the thousands of chemicals that we're exposed to can impact our health.”

For more information and to complete an application to participate, visit