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Chiropractic Can Help with Anger Issues

The Wellness Center of Plymouth, the office of Elizabeth Sisk, DC, director of chiropractic, and Scott Anderson, DC, advise individuals to beware of how anger can impact their health, and that chiropractic can help. Sisk says, “Uncontrolled anger is harmful to your health and can lead to relationship problems, increased risk of heart disease and stroke, weakened immune system function, decreased lung function, increased anxiety and depression, substance abuse and behavioral issues.”

            Research also shows that anger can be a sign of brain dysfunction. In a study published in The Annals of Clinical Psychiatry, brain SPECT imaging studies were done on 40 individuals that had “physically attacked another person or destroyed property, as well as 40 non-aggressive people as controls.”

            “What is interesting to note is that this study showed decreased activity in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain in those who were deemed ‘aggressive’. Low activity in this area is associated with poor impulse control,” says Sisk. A chiropractic adjustment actually helps to improve activity in the brain, specifically in the area of the prefrontal cortex. Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress on the brain and nervous system.

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