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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Pure Pastures

Pure Pastures is accepting orders of pasture-raised, grass-fed meat from family farms in Michigan and a full line of organic groceries, eggs, dairy, honey and more for Thanksgiving. Their famous turkeys come from Garno Farm, a respected, third-generation family farm in Adrian. They are free-range, pastured and non-GMO, fed a blend of whole grains, vegetables, greens and herbal supplements. Sizes run from 10 to 30 pounds.

            These birds are processed a few days before Thanksgiving, unlike the big box stores. Plus, customers also know where they are coming from and that they were cared for locally. Knowing where our food comes from and what is in our food is more important today than ever before. Pure Pastures food is free of hormones, GMOs and antibiotics.

            Thanksgiving pies come fresh from Milano Bakery, in Eastern Market, an award-winning bakery in business since 1975. Flavors include pumpkin, sweet potato, apple, apple crumb, cherry, cherry crumb, blueberry, chocolate cream, banana cream, lemon meringue and pecan.

Locations: 1192 Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth (734-927-6951); 23309 Ford Rd., Dearborn (313-406-6282). For more information, email [email protected] or visit