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Mold Can Strike in Any Season

MoldPro, a certified and insured leader in chemical-free mold remediation and testing in southeastern Michigan and northwestern Ohio, uses the most effective services to return homes to a safe ecological condition.

            Mold growth tends to occur more often in the summertime, but can be a problem in the fall, too, because of colder, damp weather. We find mold outdoors in gutters, soil, rotten wood and fallen leaves. Indoors, buildings affected by rainstorms may have experienced water damage, which means that bathrooms, kitchens, basements and carpets could have mold spores in the air and on surfaces.

            MoldPro will conduct a professional consultation, survey the condition of the home, take air tests if requested and provide an estimate for mold remediation if necessary. They use a licensed and certified independent lab to determine the results of all mold air tests and generate a 20-page report that will show what type of molds exist in the home and to what extent the spores are in the air. After the job is complete, they test the air again.

Location: 247 W. Main St., Milan. For more information, call 734-439-8800, email [email protected] or visit