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Making an Innovative Treatment Approach Accessible at Home

The many health benefits provided by hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be experienced at home. Natural Balance Hyperbarics, an affiliate of Natural Balance Wellness Medical Center of Ann Arbor, offers mild-pressure, soft-sided chambers for rent and purchase and high- pressure, hard-sided chambers for purchase specifically designed for in-home use.

            This revolutionary approach allows convenient access to concentrated oxygen under pressure specially designed to increase blood plasma oxygen levels and circulate its healing potential throughout the body. As such, HBOT assists with inflammation and helps to regenerate, repair, and replenish oxygen-deficient tissue. The method also aids in stem cell production, capillary development, blood vessel dilation, immune system stimulation, and helps fight off infections from oxygen-sensitive organisms.

            Many clinical studies have shown that HBOT is a powerful adjunct therapy for many acute and chronic problems. Considerable research shows that HBOT speeds healing and alleviates symptoms for a wide range of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved and off-label conditions including post-COVID-19 inflammatory conditions.

            Owner Dr. Tony Boggess, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, says, “We’re backed by a medical center, so we can assist clients and patients fully with in-home, soft- and hard-sided hyperbaric chambers, along with oxygen concentrating devices, which are prescriptive devices and regulated by the FDA. Any individual wishing to use the products we offer will need a prescription from a referring physician or will need to be under our clinic’s medical supervision.” The medical profession in general needs qualified clinicians familiar with HBOT and its safe use, so they also assist doctors locally and around the country to get patients the treatments they need.

            Clients not currently under the care of a licensed physician for HBOT can become patients of the clinic and be medically evaluated to determine if HBOT is safe and appropriate for them. All HBOT chambers provided are FDA-approved medical devices, as opposed to most products currently sold on the internet. Every chamber provided by Natural Balance Hyperbarics is carefully designed to be safe, convenient, easy to use and long-lasting. In addition, the company provides education and training—either in the office or virtually for those out-of-state clients that require units to be delivered to them via freight.

            Daily supervised sessions in a hospital or center for several weeks, months or even years has long been reported as a financial and logistical obstacle for many people that might otherwise benefit from HBOT’s healing power. However, today, many private users, doctors, professional athletes and celebrity personalities are enjoying the results they experience and attest to, along with the clear benefits of ease, convenience, cost savings and privacy offered with at-home hyperbaric treatment protocols.

            Natural Balance Hyperbarics offers the choice of buying or renting a portable HBOT chamber, with a 90-day “try before you buy” policy. Mild, portable units range from $850 to $2,300 per month, depending on the size and model with rents applied towards the purchase. Clients can also rent-to-own and/or finance the higher-pressure in-home units.

Natural Balance Hyperbarics Center is located in the Briarwood Mall Circle, 1601 Briarwood Circle, Ste. 475, in Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 855-942-7246 or visit