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Kung Fu for Kids Enrolling Now

Detroit Kung Fu, near Corktown, is enrolling for their Fall Kids Program. The training teaches self-defense, focus, discipline, confidence and relaxation. Kids classes are taught by Sifu Yvette, who started her training in 2006. She has traveled the country training at many seminars alongside the grandmaster Moy Tung. Ages 13 and up may also register for regular programs that run year-round.

Detroit Kung Fu practices the Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) kung fu system, a southern Chinese martial art known for its efficient and relaxed movement. They have an authentic kung fu lineage and a strong relationship with the rest of the kung fu family around the country. Effective self-defense promotes a relaxed mind and body, a healthy life and a peaceful spirit.

 Kung fu means hard work over time. Not only is kung fu a physical workout ,but it also engages the mind through problem solving, memory and retention, willpower and learning to connect thoughts with physical movement.

 Location: 3364 Michigan Ave., Detroit. For more information, call 313-282-3915, email [email protected] or visit