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On Arrival Streamlines Travel Plans

Basketball pro Jordan Morgan and former Miss Michigan KT Maviglia-Morgan are filling a need for personalized travel planning at an affordable price with On Arrival award-winning personalized travel guides. Morgan says, “We started this service because we saw a way we could help people who love to travel the way we do. Our personalized guides aren’t just taking the stress out of planning a trip, they’re creating custom experiences for everyone who uses them.”

 They find out what kind of travel experiences people like and create a unique guide for each trip, thus saving time and energy searching with no stress. The couple explores activities, attractions, dining, bars and nightlife, all while avoiding tourist traps.

 Until recently, travelers opted for vacations closer to home or didn’t take a vacation at all because of COVID restrictions. Now they have the need for bigger trips, but are not aware of remaining COVID restrictions, for instance.

 For more information, call 734-489-1599, email [email protected] or visit