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Coping with Women’s Trauma

Mother Bear Sanctuary will offer Step into Confidence, Power and Reclaim Your Truth (for women) from 6 to 9 p.m. September 21 and affordable, Trauma-Informed Women’s Empowerment every third Wednesday of the month at Plymouth Community Arts. Co-founder Barbra White says, “Current data estimates more than 50 percent of women have been sexually assaulted. Humans that have been marginalized, systemically disempowered or carry a trauma history will of course suffer a self-protective shutdown, or trauma response.”

            She explains, “Radical self-love is embracing these parts of ourselves that need to be loved and held (especially the parts trying to protect us). Trying to push through them or force your expression out in an aggressive way will only retraumatize you. Growing and unfolding slowly, gently, like a flower, actually leads to richer and more powerful expressions.”

Cost is $45 to $75. All money goes toward free retreats for domestic abuse and sex trafficking survivors. Location: 744 N. Sheldon, Plymouth. Register at Email [email protected] for a “How You Can Help” Zoom link.