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Compost Service Changes Hands

In its 11th year of operation, Traverse City compost collection and delivery service Carter’s Compost has a new owner, Megan Alexander. They haul food scraps from the kitchen to local composting sites and then return the finished soil back to the community with a weekly subscription. She says, "I am thrilled to continue in Carter and the family's footsteps to provide an invaluable service in the community. This first year for me will be one of learning, sharing and facilitating the growth of the Carter's Compost roots further into the framework of our beautiful city. I look forward to seeing you around town!"

 This is the way it works. A clean bucket is delivered to the house. Kitchen scraps are put in the bucket. The full bucket is swapped out for a clean one weekly. Customers can receive a full bucket of compost for the garden if desired. It's that simple. Compost nourishes the soil so that plants flourish, maintain moisture and promote aeration.

 Cost is $15/month. For more information, call 231-268-0093 or visit