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Tennis Elbow, Anyone?

Dr. Robert Krasnick, owner of Krasnick Regenerative Medicine (KRM), is a pain management doctor who has dedicated the past 24 years to the practice of regenerative medicine using a holistic approach and implementing alternative, regenerative treatments for patients with chronic joint, back, neck, wrist, ankle, knee and hip pain and arthritis, as well as sports injuries.

            He says, “Don’t be fooled by the name tennis and golfer’s elbow, because even if you are not a tennis player or golfer, you can still have tendonitis of the elbow. While this is a very common injury, there are other places in the body where the tendons might begin to break down, including the Achilles, rotator cuff and more. If you are experiencing pain, get it checked out!”

            KRM can help restore the body to health using regenerative therapies such as prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, ozone therapy and stem cell therapies. None of these regenerative treatments contain any drugs, steroids, narcotics or NSAIDs; they are performed in the office and do not require surgery.

Location: 210 Little Lake Dr., Ste. 8, Ann Arbor. For more info, call 734-585-5653, email [email protected] or visit